Monday, December 3, 2012

Low Down

The struggle with the gym continues.

I have lost 2.5kgs as of now (My.Boyfriend is still not impressed).

I lost my phone yesterday,it was an 8months old S2 :(

I attended India's first ever Soapbox Race *clapping excitedly* 

I have ordered another phone, a white S2 :D

I have got an awesome haircut & coloured my hair *happy dance*

I am leaving for Bangkok in a few days so I hope I get to shop a lot :P

I may be going to Goa at the end of this month *fingers crossed*

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year incase I am too lazy to update my blog then :|

Friday, June 29, 2012

Garfield, I Tried! :(

I have always been a lazy person and yes, Garfield is my favourite cartoon character. Though I have always admired people who are disciplined enough to follow a fitness regime & a healthy diet, I always thought I was above that. My weight gain from a petite 52kgs to an unsightly 62kgs was painful to say the least. My level of lethargy was the same; my junk diet was the same. The only thing that had changed was my love life, not that I am blaming Mr.Boyfriend for it. So one fine day when I told him the same he immediately got me a membership at his gym and lo behold, I had a trainer who had vowed to get me back to my former self in less than three months!

Let’s get one thing clear, I used to go to the gym for a couple of months and I had joined a two month Zumba course. It did as much to my weight loss as a drop of water would do to a tumbler of water, nothing!Any who, this time I went with the clear intention of losing weight come what may! That the ‘come what may’ would almost cripple me is something no one had told me :|

My trainer, a sweet chap from Virar, told me first up that we needed to work on my strength. So not just my will power but my physical power was low too :( It has been around 10 days now I have fallen into this routine of waking up at 7:30am and leaving for the gym by 8:30. After an excruciating hour of pumping weights to work my triceps, biceps, deltoids, calves, hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps upper back ,lower back, chest & whatever muscle I have left, I crawl back home and leave for work. My diet hasn’t changed much, just that I cannot have any more of kanda bhajiya, wafers, aerated drinks, anything fatty, anything with carbohydrates & alcohol. Simple!

That I haven’t died as yet and have enough energy to write this post is testimony to the fact that my strength has increased. That I have lasted 10 days and gone to the gym without bunking also means that my will power has increased. I think I have to credit that to the fact that Mr.Boyfriend is in the same gym & he would probably dump me if I dump the gym :-/

If you don’t find any blog posts after today then please don’t think I am being lazy. For all you know I may have fallen off the treadmill & died!

P.S: Mr.Boyfriend says the steam & shower after the workout makes my skin glow. I guess that’s the only positive of going to the gym till now :P

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Important Announcement!

 I have always wondered why don't I get much views or comments on my blogs (considering they are so awesome). I JUST FOUND OUT THAT I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ADDING LABELS TO IT!!!Not only am I a lazy blogger, I am blind too! :-/

This blog post is just to point out that. Over and out!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buri Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kala!

How exciting it is when you get a call at 9pm that you have to leave for Jim Corbett next day morning! I was super excited when I got to know that I would be shooting there! I had always wanted to visit a wildlife sanctuary and breathe oxygen. I immediately called my mom up and told her about my plans. I called my brother, who lives in Delhi, and told him about my plans. After my obligations I started packing.

I left for Mumbai Airport next day and everyone's excitement was contagious. Within three hours we reached Delhi and looked forward to an eight hour long drive to Jim Corbett. My mom called up in the middle and when I told her about the poor network reception there she said, "I'll call you up once, if you don't return my call in an hr I'll leave you a text, if you don't reply to that in an hr then I will call your boss, if he doesn't reply in an hr then I will assumes you have been eaten up by the tigers!" At times my mom can definitely be reassuring :|

Tigers, cold and traffic, everything was discussed. What was not discussed were the men and the way they stare anyone/anything which remotely resembles a female form! As soon as we exited Noida & entered Ghaziabad I was made conscious of the fact that I was a girl and my sole purpose of existence was for them to strip me in their heads, if not personally. Each time we stopped at any toll check points the car, receipt or change of money did not get as much attention as my covered boobs did. Each drag of smoke, swig of beer or hint of a smile, did not receive as much of a hopeful look of me being just a piece of meat as an actually piece meat would probably get!

Each time this happened I wanted to walk up to them, slap them hard and shout at them, "Had you not killed the score of female foetuses then probably you wouldn't have the dearth of the female form around you and you would be more used to seeing women. Ofcourse I did not do that because I was scared they would whip their guns out and shoot me *embarrassed look* Anyway, I did what any other girl would do, tried to wrap my stole tightly around myself. Then I realised irrespective of what I wear or do I will invite stares only because I am a girl! I could feel them stripping me naked in their heads. I could feel them feeling me up in their heads. I could feel them violating my body in the worst way possible in their heads. That I was disgusted by it is putting it very mildly!

I don't know what I can do to make them stop it. What I do know is that if one sensible person reads this and can knock sense into the heads of these lechers and perverts then probably I would have achieved something. Probably I am asking for a lot. Probably I am not.

P.S: Interestingly I faced this problem ONLY when I was in Uttar Pradesh. Men at Uttarakhand did not stare at me as bad. I guess they were too busy preventing their balls from freezing in the cold :P

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Independence with Irreverence

It’s been a few years that I have been following Sex And The City, on TV and the movies. I also follow it’s Facebook page. I may find Carrie, Samantha, Miranda & Charlotte needy at times but then by the time those needs are met you realise you never needed it to begin with. Just the same way as definitions for certain things changes. Being single used to mean that nobody wanted you. Now it means you’re pretty, sexy and you’re taking your time deciding how you want your life to be and who you want to spend it with (Carrie Bradshaw – Sex And The City)

Very recently I turned a year older and I realised that EVERYONE around me was either getting engaged or married or having babies. Well, my heartiest congratulations to them but does that mean I would join the queue? No! For many, their marriages define them. For me, well I guess I should define it, makes sense doesn’t it? I mean if I am the one getting married then shouldn’t I decide when it should be? If it is that important a decision then shouldn’t I be all the more careful about it?

That is the thing with people and relationships. There are those that open you up to something new and exotic, those that are old and familiar, those that bring up lots of questions, those that bring you somewhere unexpected, those that bring you far from where you started, and those that bring you back. But the most exciting, challenging and significant relationship is the one you have with yourself. And if you can find someone to love the you you love, well that’s fabulous (Well again, Carrie Bradshaw – Sex And The City)

I am happy with my job, with the friends I have, with the space and independence I have. I am happy that my parents think that I am responsible enough to lead and maintain a certain kind of lifestyle in a big bad city like Bombay. The truth is, at any given moment someone somewhere could be making a face about you but it’s the reviews you give yourself that matter (This Carrie Bradshaw gets all the good lines in Sex And The City it seems!)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Footprints In The Sand

These days I have started going to the gym.No,it's not a new year's resolution,I am doing it because I need to!Anyway that is not why I am writing this note.When I was on the way to the gym I met my former house help.It's unnaturally cold in Bombay these days and I was surprised that she was up so early without warm clothes.As soon as she spotted she came up to me to talk.Once we started talking I realised she was very uncomfortable standing and her face looked puffed.She had been beaten up by her drunk husband the previous night.The anger I felt left me breathless and I wished ill for him the way I never have!

This woman is contributing to the household income,is raising his kids,is running the kitchen and trying her best to give them a family.That man probably works,gets drunk,accuses her of her 'philandering' ways and beats her up whenever it catches his fancy!Do men likes these do not have a spine?!I am sure this incident cannot be brushed away as something that happens to the poor.I am sure there are many out there who know of people suffering the same way and uttering a word in objection.

Everyone asks the same question,"This is happening in their family,what can we do about it?" The answer is actually very simple.Raise your son in such a way that he knows that a woman in the family is a human and not his punching bag.Raise your son in such a way that he learns to respect everyone.Raise your son in such a way that he has self respect and confidence.Raise your son in such a way that he abhors any other man raising his hand on any woman.Raise your daughter in such a way that she wasnt born to be someone else's punching bag.Raise your daughter to be independent and secure.Raise your daughter in such a way that she has her dignity and self respect intact.Raise your daughter in such a way that she does not tolerate anyone's nonsense.

Doesnt sound difficult,does it?It is easier said than done but there is no harm in YOU initiating it,is there?Dont let these scores of women be like the footprints in the sand,catch your attention for a fleeting moment before the sea washes it away.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Little Dance

I caught you glancing at me I raised an eyebrow,
You smiled,you got up,you walked to me real slow.
You turned me around the table and held me by my hips,
I'd feel your breath on me as on my neck you grazed your lips.

Your fingers brushing my hand sent chills down my spine,
I thought you'd not affect me but now nothing seems fine.
You pulled my hair aside and whispered close into my ear,
"The moment I met you my life seemed crystal clear."

I turned around slowly and put my arms around your neck,
Kissed you ever so softly which had started as a peck.
"With you I know euphoria which was happiness till a while ago,"
I whispered into your ear as I let my guard go.