Saturday, October 30, 2010

An ode to Facebook

For the umpteenth time I hit the snooze
Inspite of this audacity no sleep I lose
I pry open a bit of an eye
Jump off the bed with sudden cry.

I am late for work the story of my life
Waking up early is still a strife
Quick shower the breakfast skipped
I step out drowsy and tight lipped

The noise the traffic the dust and the grime
Stuck in the traffic losing track of time
Eunuchs for company extorting money
Some calling me Ash some calling me Honey!

Braving the heat I welcome the chill at work
But no nagging no cribbing and no smirk
I log in to Facebook and check my popularity
Update my status with new found clarity.

I sink into my chair and curl my toes
To see comments from my friends and foes
And the prepare myself for the rest of the day
You do the same did i hear you say?

You do the same did i hear you say?

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