Friday, June 29, 2012

Garfield, I Tried! :(

I have always been a lazy person and yes, Garfield is my favourite cartoon character. Though I have always admired people who are disciplined enough to follow a fitness regime & a healthy diet, I always thought I was above that. My weight gain from a petite 52kgs to an unsightly 62kgs was painful to say the least. My level of lethargy was the same; my junk diet was the same. The only thing that had changed was my love life, not that I am blaming Mr.Boyfriend for it. So one fine day when I told him the same he immediately got me a membership at his gym and lo behold, I had a trainer who had vowed to get me back to my former self in less than three months!

Let’s get one thing clear, I used to go to the gym for a couple of months and I had joined a two month Zumba course. It did as much to my weight loss as a drop of water would do to a tumbler of water, nothing!Any who, this time I went with the clear intention of losing weight come what may! That the ‘come what may’ would almost cripple me is something no one had told me :|

My trainer, a sweet chap from Virar, told me first up that we needed to work on my strength. So not just my will power but my physical power was low too :( It has been around 10 days now I have fallen into this routine of waking up at 7:30am and leaving for the gym by 8:30. After an excruciating hour of pumping weights to work my triceps, biceps, deltoids, calves, hamstrings, glutes, quadriceps upper back ,lower back, chest & whatever muscle I have left, I crawl back home and leave for work. My diet hasn’t changed much, just that I cannot have any more of kanda bhajiya, wafers, aerated drinks, anything fatty, anything with carbohydrates & alcohol. Simple!

That I haven’t died as yet and have enough energy to write this post is testimony to the fact that my strength has increased. That I have lasted 10 days and gone to the gym without bunking also means that my will power has increased. I think I have to credit that to the fact that Mr.Boyfriend is in the same gym & he would probably dump me if I dump the gym :-/

If you don’t find any blog posts after today then please don’t think I am being lazy. For all you know I may have fallen off the treadmill & died!

P.S: Mr.Boyfriend says the steam & shower after the workout makes my skin glow. I guess that’s the only positive of going to the gym till now :P


  1. Atleast you had ONE positive from joining a gym. I'm the kind who quits within a week :-/
    Haaaye yeh wazan!

  2. I had another positive!I lost 1.5kgs after two weeks of rigorous workout & following a proper diet! :)