Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Confessions

My face is streaked,my mascara is running,
and I need tissues to blow my nose.
My teeth are stained,the lipstick is spreading
Oh god!is that a run in my hose?!

My stilleto is broken and so is my heart,
My cash reserve is running dry.
I wonder where did i go wrong in my part
And i so dont want to cry!

I run my fingers through my hair,
And cringe when i see myself on the mirror.
Am glad i dont have false air,
And have never asked 'who is fairer?'.

I need to get another job and another life,
For now i can very well do without a guy.
I need to be me neither girlfriend nor wife,
Not on wine but on life i need to be high!

I will pretty myself up and go for a movie,
Will buy loads of soda and buckets of popcorn.
I heard they are playing sex and the city,
Will cheer myself and will not be forlorn.

Dior,ricci and mac are my new best friends,
Power yoga,pilates and salsa my new activities.
You and i will now set new trends,
And rejoice in the good times and festivities!

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