Thursday, September 30, 2010

i wonder...

You expect me to let you just let you hit it
But will you still respect me if you get it

-'Promiscuous' by Nelly Furtado ft Timbaland

The word 'promiscuous' has always fascinated what if the spelling earlier baffled me (it still does but i would choose to believe otherwise :p)i asked few of my friends what comes to their mind when i say 'promiscuous' and invariably i got the same kind of reply; 'sex','cheating','lying' and interestingly someone even said 'pamela anderson' & 'nelly furtado'!

well when i hear 'promiscuous' sex is not the only that comes to my sleeping around the only defintion for it and no i am not talking about the dictionary meaning of it!i wonder if talking about sex with someone else would be promiscuos...i wonder if being emotionally involved with someone else would be promiscuous...i wonder if flirting with many when you love someone else would be promiscuous... i wonder if promiscuity is having a 'close dance' with some other guy when you are already in a relationship...i wonder if whatever am thinking makes any sense at all..

i wonder if befriending many guys make one promiscuous...i wonder if being comfortable about one's sexuality make one promiscuous...i wonder if being upfront about your assent on pre maital sex would makes one promiscuos...i wonder....


  1. I did not know you write. I like your poems. I think you are right, there are a lot of kinds of promiscuities. Nevertheless I really think this term is non well definied and opened to ll kind of interpretations. You have achieved to define it very well, congrats!

  2. oh well a support from an unknown quarter =D thanks for reading my poems and forming an opinion on the same.