Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nothing On You

I look ahead and all I see is a blur, I rub my eyes to clear my vision
And down trickle the tears that were held for so long, without my permission.

I sniff and blow my nose, wipe the tears off my face
I look back and see no one, everyone has gone ahead in the race.

Was I so blinded by my self obsession, I did not see where I was headed
I pick up myself and dust my clothes, I need to steer clear of the path I waded.

I look up at the sky, I see half of the yellow sun
I don’t remember if this is the end of the day, or the beginning of another one.

I want to be forever young, getting old doesn’t mean you are any wiser
I want to learn from my mistake, stumble and get up to go any farther.

I am the butterfly, please don’t treat me like the cocoon
I rather burn my finger time and again, than have everything fed in a spoon.

I hold nothing against you, even though you shook me by my foundation
I will hold my head high, after all isn’t life also a part of my education!

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