Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fancies and Whims

You laced your fingers through mine,
You looked at me and smiled.
I thought that everything would be fine,
Till the time realisation piled.

I thought you were mine and that was to stay,
Come hail or come storm.
I never thought I would have to pay,
For the feelings that did form.

I saw that you were a mirage,
From a distance far and beyond.
I thought with time it would pass,
For with time of you I'd grown fond.

But time taught me otherwise,
I knew I had to think before I act.
For my comfort life had a surprise,
Which I realised was a fact.

You were not what I thought you would be,
How much could cry into my pillow.
I want to let go and want to be free,
Not my heart but my head I want to follow!

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