Tuesday, May 31, 2011


You look into my eyes and make me feel loved,
The next thing I know you're busy on the phone.
Some things I realise as I collect my feelings and have it shoved,
That the magical moment that was there is gone.

Your friends look at me from head to toe,
As if they anticipated a kind of freak.
No one knows what I have to let go,
And how you make my legs go weak.

The days go by and the calls lessen,
I know not what to make of it.
Then I see you holding her hand,
And I get a sinking feeling in a bottomless pit.

While you were my priority,
I was an option for you.
In your love while I went giddy,
I did not see what you had to do.

And now all I am is a lonely soul,
Surrounded by a kind of emptiness.
This all consuming love has taken its toll,
For my teary eyes have lost their dewy freshness.

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