Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Little Dance

I caught you glancing at me I raised an eyebrow,
You smiled,you got up,you walked to me real slow.
You turned me around the table and held me by my hips,
I'd feel your breath on me as on my neck you grazed your lips.

Your fingers brushing my hand sent chills down my spine,
I thought you'd not affect me but now nothing seems fine.
You pulled my hair aside and whispered close into my ear,
"The moment I met you my life seemed crystal clear."

I turned around slowly and put my arms around your neck,
Kissed you ever so softly which had started as a peck.
"With you I know euphoria which was happiness till a while ago,"
I whispered into your ear as I let my guard go.

1 comment:

  1. Sensual is the only word that comes to mind when i read these lines:) the last para is particularly good.
    btw glad to see you 'blogging' :))