Monday, February 13, 2012

Footprints In The Sand

These days I have started going to the gym.No,it's not a new year's resolution,I am doing it because I need to!Anyway that is not why I am writing this note.When I was on the way to the gym I met my former house help.It's unnaturally cold in Bombay these days and I was surprised that she was up so early without warm clothes.As soon as she spotted she came up to me to talk.Once we started talking I realised she was very uncomfortable standing and her face looked puffed.She had been beaten up by her drunk husband the previous night.The anger I felt left me breathless and I wished ill for him the way I never have!

This woman is contributing to the household income,is raising his kids,is running the kitchen and trying her best to give them a family.That man probably works,gets drunk,accuses her of her 'philandering' ways and beats her up whenever it catches his fancy!Do men likes these do not have a spine?!I am sure this incident cannot be brushed away as something that happens to the poor.I am sure there are many out there who know of people suffering the same way and uttering a word in objection.

Everyone asks the same question,"This is happening in their family,what can we do about it?" The answer is actually very simple.Raise your son in such a way that he knows that a woman in the family is a human and not his punching bag.Raise your son in such a way that he learns to respect everyone.Raise your son in such a way that he has self respect and confidence.Raise your son in such a way that he abhors any other man raising his hand on any woman.Raise your daughter in such a way that she wasnt born to be someone else's punching bag.Raise your daughter to be independent and secure.Raise your daughter in such a way that she has her dignity and self respect intact.Raise your daughter in such a way that she does not tolerate anyone's nonsense.

Doesnt sound difficult,does it?It is easier said than done but there is no harm in YOU initiating it,is there?Dont let these scores of women be like the footprints in the sand,catch your attention for a fleeting moment before the sea washes it away.

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