Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Buri Nazar Wale Tera Muh Kala!

How exciting it is when you get a call at 9pm that you have to leave for Jim Corbett next day morning! I was super excited when I got to know that I would be shooting there! I had always wanted to visit a wildlife sanctuary and breathe oxygen. I immediately called my mom up and told her about my plans. I called my brother, who lives in Delhi, and told him about my plans. After my obligations I started packing.

I left for Mumbai Airport next day and everyone's excitement was contagious. Within three hours we reached Delhi and looked forward to an eight hour long drive to Jim Corbett. My mom called up in the middle and when I told her about the poor network reception there she said, "I'll call you up once, if you don't return my call in an hr I'll leave you a text, if you don't reply to that in an hr then I will call your boss, if he doesn't reply in an hr then I will assumes you have been eaten up by the tigers!" At times my mom can definitely be reassuring :|

Tigers, cold and traffic, everything was discussed. What was not discussed were the men and the way they stare anyone/anything which remotely resembles a female form! As soon as we exited Noida & entered Ghaziabad I was made conscious of the fact that I was a girl and my sole purpose of existence was for them to strip me in their heads, if not personally. Each time we stopped at any toll check points the car, receipt or change of money did not get as much attention as my covered boobs did. Each drag of smoke, swig of beer or hint of a smile, did not receive as much of a hopeful look of me being just a piece of meat as an actually piece meat would probably get!

Each time this happened I wanted to walk up to them, slap them hard and shout at them, "Had you not killed the score of female foetuses then probably you wouldn't have the dearth of the female form around you and you would be more used to seeing women. Ofcourse I did not do that because I was scared they would whip their guns out and shoot me *embarrassed look* Anyway, I did what any other girl would do, tried to wrap my stole tightly around myself. Then I realised irrespective of what I wear or do I will invite stares only because I am a girl! I could feel them stripping me naked in their heads. I could feel them feeling me up in their heads. I could feel them violating my body in the worst way possible in their heads. That I was disgusted by it is putting it very mildly!

I don't know what I can do to make them stop it. What I do know is that if one sensible person reads this and can knock sense into the heads of these lechers and perverts then probably I would have achieved something. Probably I am asking for a lot. Probably I am not.

P.S: Interestingly I faced this problem ONLY when I was in Uttar Pradesh. Men at Uttarakhand did not stare at me as bad. I guess they were too busy preventing their balls from freezing in the cold :P


  1. I think any female on this planet empathises with your post. It is terribly upsetting to be considered a commodity. :-/

  2. It is not the lack of females really but just that some men are sick and continue to do so even if they have a house full of women.

  3. Well
    At the risk of sounding racially insensitive - what you faced is the result of the prevalent culture.. And a complete disregard for civility and an inexplicable pride in their uncouth ways

  4. The place has made my mother extremely paranoid (My parents live there). It's rather difficult for her when I have these cravings to roam around whenever I am home from college.

  5. @Nikita - These men are sick no doubt,but probably if they were not as sexually frustrated as they are right now I would have been spared those stares!

    @ONE - A fact is a fact is a fact!For this instance I dont care if anyone is racially insensitive.

    @catabolism - I am not surprised :|

    @All - Sorry for the late reply.I am sure now you know why I call myself the Lazy Blogger :P